Tech Savvy Teens Lack Cyber Security Awareness.

Tech Savvy Teens Lack Cyber Security Awareness.

In a report on the BBC website today it states that more than 52% of UK teens are using the same password for lots of online service.

also it said  that 79% of the 2261 respondents had sent bank details, Passports and Driving Licences via Email and other messaging services.

This is alarming when you think most people never delete there emails. If your password is compromised say for your facebook account and you use the same password for your email, all these details are on display to the hacker. 

Part of the Cyber Essentials Scheme looks at password authentication. 

It says users should  pick sensible passwords

  • avoid choosing obvious passwords (such as those based on easily-discoverable information like the name of a favourite pet)
  • not choose common passwords 
  • not use the same password anywhere else, at work or at home.

A good password is a long password.

We suggest the the use of pass phrases. A simple phrase like "themoonishighintheskytonight" is really easy to remember but would be almost impossible to guess.

The NCSC also suggests that passwords should not expire. For more information see  The problems with forcing regular password expiry.