Cyber Essentials Renewal

Cyber Essentials Renewals


If you last successfully passed for Cyber Essentials Basic or Plus certification before 1st April 2020, please be aware that the Cyber Essentials scheme has had some fundamental changes and your renewal will likely be quite different to the previous year.  

As of April 1st, IASME Consortium became the NCSC’s (National Cyber Security Centre) Cyber Essentials Scheme Partner.

The internet has become the backbone of many businesses and industries, and with this brings new challenges for in regards to their security and resilience. By consolidating the scheme to be under the governance of a single body and certification procedure, Cyber Essentials certified businesses can be even more assured that their supply chain is consistently secure.  

Under the NCSC’s guidance, IASME Consortium have helped redeveloped the Cyber Essentials scheme to help meet these new challenges and help businesses increase their Cyber Security posture by matching their network security to the Cyber Essentials baseline security for connected businesses.  

ID Cyber Solutions are delighted to announce that we will continue to offer Cyber Essentials verified self-assessed and Plus in conjunction with IASME.

As a company we have championed Cyber Essentials as a invaluable scheme and have been helping businesses get certified and cyber-safe for 4 years. We will continue to support this important scheme moving into it’s new iteration. 

Key Differences: 

  • The Cyber Essentials verified self-assessed certification will now be conducted through our portal which is connected to the IASME Pervade platform, rather than in the form of a questionnaire. The questions are entirely different to the old questionnaire and so we cannot accept questionnaires as before.  
  • Cyber Essentials verified self-assessed certification is now required as a prerequisite before applying for Cyber Essentials Plus.  
  • Organisations will be required to remediate any problems after their initial submission within 2 days for basic and 30 days for Plus or the application will be considered a fail. You will also have to wait 30 days before you can repay and reapply for Cyber Essentials. 
  • The testing methodology used for Cyber Essentials Plus is more rigorous than before, we will now be required to test up to 5 machines (up from 2), which will now be picked at random from the provided IP range.  


Cyber Essentials Renewals are the same process as a new Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Recertification

To renew with ID Cyber Solutions for Cyber Essentialsplease click here to be directed to the correct information page, where you can choose between Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Extra. 

Cyber Essentials Plus

To renew with ID Cyber Solutions for Cyber Essentials Plus, please click here to be directed to the correct information page, where you can choose between Plus and Plus Extra. Remember you must have Cyber Essentials verified self-assessed before you can be audited for Cyber Essentials Plus.