What is “Scope”?

The scope section of the document helps us identify some additional information regarding the network that is to be certified. Whatever is involved in the scope, is the area of devices that are certified under the Cyber Essentials scheme. When filling out the scope section of the document consider the following:  

  • What area of the organisation is to be covered by Cyber Essentials?  
  • The whole company? 
  • A specific location, for example if you have offices in the US and UK, is it only one site? 
  • A specific office or department, for example, finance? 
  • What devices are covered in the scope? 
  • Additional Network devices such as routers, switches, servers etc. 
  • Machines on the network such as laptops, desktops, mobiles. 
  • Devices in scope must include their version numbers such as Windows 10 1909. 
  • Are there any third-party IT management systems or providers used by the company? 
  • Does the company use any cloud systems as part of their operation such as Dropbox, Gmail etc. 
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