Cyber Essentials (verified self-assessed)

£300.00 Excl VAT

  • Cyber Essentials Self Assessment
  • Assessors comments on areas of non compliance
  • One free re-assessment if completed within 2 weeks
  • £25000 Cyber Security Insurance included*
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About Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a foundation level certification designed to provide a statement of the basic controls your organisation should have in place to mitigate the risk from common cyber threats. This is achieved through a self-assessment process carried out under the guidance of our cyber security experts. Upon completion of the questionnaire you will receive the certification, allowing you to display the official Cyber Essentials badge on your documents and website.

How To Apply

  • Add “Cyber Essentials” to your cart and complete purchase
  • You will recieve an email with links to a copy of the self-assessment questionnaire, and some documents to help you along
  • Within 12 hours (weekdays) your assessor will create an account for you on . This is the online portal that you will submit your final answers to for assessment.
  • Once submitted, your assessor will mark your answers against the scheme criteria via the online portal and produce a summary report of their findings. PLEASE NOTE: Once your organisation has submitted your answers, the assessor must mark this submission with a pass or a fail. Cancellation of a submission is not permissible in the event of a fail.
  • If successful in certifying for Cyber Essentials, you will be provided with a certificate of compliance. Your certification will be valid for 12 months from the date the certificate was issued.
  • If your organisation fails the assessment, your organisation will have 2 days from the time of failure to remediate the identified failing point and resubmit for free (maximum of 1 resubmission), and if the changes are deemed acceptable then the assessor will produce you a report and certificate
  • If on second submission, your organisation is deemed not to be Cyber Essentials compliant, the assessor will mark your organisation as having failed certification. There is a minimum wait of 30 days before your organisation and reapply.



*Organisations that are certified to Cyber Essentials will automatically receive Cyber Insurance if they certify their entire organisation, are domiciled in the UK and their annual turnover is under £20m. You may opt out of this offer.

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